Session 2: Supporting the Sustainable Bioeconomy

November 2 - 4, 2020 | Virtual

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Session 2: Supporting the Sustainable Bioeconomy

Tuesday, November 3rd  •  1:30pm ‐ 3:00pm

Session Chair: Jaya Shankar Tumuluru, Idaho National Laboratory 

Featured Presentation:

Canada's Pulp, Paper and Bioproducts Industry: Innovation Driven 
Presenter: Stéphan Larivière, FPInnovations

The pulp, paper, and bioproducts industry in Canada is at a crossroads, having historically produced traditional products like pulps for copy paper, printing, and newsprint. Recently, due to a reduction in market demand for paper, the industry has been expanding into the development of new transitional grades. Research is focusing on finding non-traditional end-use applications for cellulose fiber and looking into other industries such as construction, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and transportation.

Attendees will hear case studies illustrating how key value chain partners, such as governments, research institutes, and manufacturers are researching innovative end-use applications using renewable materials from biomass to produce chemicals and products for various industries that support the growing bioeconomy.


Additional Session Presentations:

Using the Stage Gate Process in Biorefinery Project Development
Presenter: Jim Riley, Jeff Katz, Jacobs Engineering

A Path to New Biobased Materials from Cellulose
Presenter: Julien Bley, Innofibre; Dan Belosinschi, Trois-Rivieres College


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