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2021 IBBC PRESS Bookstore

TAPPI Press is known as an industry leader for publishing reliable and practical publications and training products created and peer reviewed by industry experts for professionals and students. 

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Special Publications

Book Title 


Biorefining of Forest Resources, 2nd Ed.

Presents a comprehensive approach to all of the important areas related to modern chemistry and the technology of various wood (biomass)-utilizing processes.  This book illustrates the basic principles of the main methods rather than experimental or theoretical details.  Part of the Papermaking Science and Technology Series, published by the Finnish Paper Engineers’ Association.  (Discounts do not apply).

Product Code:  0202FIN20-2     

Integrated Biorefineries- Design, Analysis and Optimization

Contains contributions from leading experts in the field of integrated biorefineries, addressing the synthesis, selection, design, analysis, and optimization. It discusses strategies, opportunities, various processing platforms, and how to evaluate the life-cycle impact of biorefinery products and processes. Includes systematic process design tools for new biorefineries, and an effective set of tools for techno-economic analysis. Case studies, figures, and equations are included throughout the text to strengthen the reader’s understanding.  (Discounts do not apply).

Product Code:  12INTBIO


Introduction to Biofuels

Discusses the multidisciplinary study of bioenergy and its potential for replacing fossil fuels in the coming decades, providing a roadmap for understanding the broad sweep of technological, sociological, and energy policy issues that intermingle and intertwine.  Explores key technologies, including biotechnology, bioprocessing, and genetic reprogramming of microorganisms, and the future of biofuels from a broader perspective, addressing economic, social, and environmental issues crucial for studying the sustainable development of bioenergy. This book does an excellent job of filtering through volumes of data, providing a historical perspective on which to anchor the information, and outlining the strengths and constraints of the different biofuels.

Product code:  11INTBIO


Biomass Gasification, Pyrolysis and Torrefaction Practical Design and Theory, 2nd Edition

Biomass is the most widely used non-fossil fuel in the world. Biomass resources show a considerable potential in the long-term given the increasing proliferation of dedicated energy crops for biofuels. The second edition is enhanced with new topics, such as torrefaction and cofiring, making it a versatile resource that not only explains the basic principles of energy conversion systems, but also provides valuable insight into the design of biomass conversion systems. Provides many worked out design problems, step-by-step design procedures and real data on commercially operating systems, with a dedicated focus on the design, analysis, and operational aspects. Comprehensive coverage of biomas in its gas, liquid, and solid states in a single easy-to-access source.

Product code: 15PYROL

Biomass to Renewable  Energy Processes, 2nd Edition

Explains the theories of biological processes, biomass materials and logistics, and conversion technologies for bioenergy products such as biogas, ethanol, butanol, biodiesel, and synthetic gases. The book discusses anaerobic digestion of waste materials for biogas and hydrogen production, bioethanol and biobutanol production from starch and cellulose, and biodiesel production from plant oils. It addresses thermal processes, including gasification and pyrolysis of agricultural residues and woody biomass. The text also covers pretreatment technologies, enzymatic reactions, fermentation, and microbiological metabolisms and pathways.

Product code:  17BIOMASS


Biocatalysis and Bioenergy

An overview of diverse findings and accomplishments in biocatalysis and bioenergy this comprehensive book on biocatalysis for bioenergy and biofuel applications combines information on state-of-the-art advances and in-depth reviews of the latest achievements in biocatalysis and bioenergy, emphasizing biodiesel, bioethanol, and industrial products. The advantages of biocatalysis include high specificity, efficiency, energy conservation, and pollution reduction. Three primary sections, covering biodiesel research, bioethanol, and industrial products.

Product code:  11BIOCAT


Biomass and Alternate Fuel Systems: An Engineering and Economic Guide

This book explains characteristics of renewable fuels, especially biomass and wood, and the cost-effective and environment-friendly methods of handling, storing and burning these fuels. It is complete with the economic evaluation method, introduction of the pollution control equipment for limiting the emission from fuel combustion, case studies, and costs and carbon emission comparisons between conventional and alternate fuels. Many case studies are introduced here too.

Product code:  10BIOALT


Biomass to Biofuels: Strategies for Global Industries

Focusing on the key challenges that still impede the realization of the billion-ton renewable fuels vision, this book integrates technological development and business development rationales to highlight the key technological developments that are necessary to industrialize biofuels on a global scale. Technological issues addressed in this work include fermentation and downstream processing technologies, as compared to current industrial practice and process economics. Business issues that provide the lens through which the technological review is performed span the entire biofuel value chain, from financial mechanisms to fund biotechnology start-ups in the biofuel arena up to large green field manufacturing projects, to raw material farming, collection and transport to the bioconversion plant, manufacturing, product recovery, storage, and transport to the point of sale.

Product code:  11BIOFUELS


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