Call for Student Posters

November 1 - 4, 2020 | Atlanta, GA

The Call for Student Posters has closed for the IBBC Technical Program




Student Poster Session and Competition

This Session is especially designed for students, giving them the opportunity to get industry input on their projects as well as gain exposure for their research in bioenergy and bioproducts. Prizes will be awarded to poster winners.

Suggested poster topics include:

• Supply and Demand of Woody and Nonwoody Biomass
• Collecting, Harvesting and Preparation of Biomass
• Torrefaction and Wood Pellets
• Thermochemical and Biochemical Conversion Pathways
• Production of High Value Biochemicals and Bioproducts from Biomass
• Pilot Plant/Technology Demonstration -Case Studies
• Techno-Economic and Life Cycle Assessments of Biorefinery Pathways
• Policies & Initiatives for Advancing Biorefinery Projects