Keynote Presentation

November 5 - 8, 2023 | Atlanta, GA

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2022 Keynote


Richard Spinks

Richard G. Spinks

ICE Pacific


"Black Pellet; Ready to Explode; The Future of Low/No Value Fibre Recycling"
About Our Keynote Speaker

Richard is co-founder, with Grand Chief Ronald Derrickson, of ICE Pacific a British Columbia-based, indigenous ESG-focused Waste Fibre Recycling and Processing company. He is an inquisitive and optimistic entrepreneur who has disrupted industries from fisheries and agriculture to forestry and waste materials recycling.

He has dedicated over a decade investing in and developing alternative uses for "no/low" value fibre, from forestry residuals to salty hog through industrial by-product. ICE is currently finalizing plans to construct the largest dedicated waste fibre recycling facility in the world, to be located in Alberta, Canada.

ICE Plants are intended to be rolled out to provide a use for remediated dead stands allowing for reforestation of wildfire-affected forestry and making ‘burn in place’ of harvesting residuals a thing of the past. While not an academic, Richard works closely with many of the leading experts in materials processing and has advised on solutions for fibre recycling and disposal at scale. His experience with more than 60 species on four continents means that he has a deep understanding of fibre properties and the suitability of species, formats and blends for solid, liquid and gaseous biofuel production.

Richard’s fascination began with a cement mixer in his garage trying to find a non-chemical binder capable of reconstituting anthracite coal fines from a waste dump he had ‘acquired’. This led him through a variety of processing projects to become one of the leaders in the black pellet production sector.