October 28 - 31, 2018 | October 28 - 31, 2018 | Portland, Oregon | Breakthrough Technologies for Today and Beyond

Session 10: Nonwood

(IBBC/PEERS Bridge Session)
Monday, October 29, 2018
3:30PM - 5:00PM

Session Chair: Gary Breaus, Solvay

Featured Presentation

Characteristics and potential of sulfur-free nonwood lignin

Presenter: Sabrina Burkhardt, Sustainable Fiber Technologies

Since the early 20th century, lignosulfonates have been used in everything from road dust control, dispersants, tanning agents, plasticizers, binders, dyes, pesticides, emulsifiers, viscosity modifiers, and beyond. While the kraft process has gradually replaced many sulfite mills of the second half of the century, it hasn’t been until recently that commercial interest has spiked for lignin extraction. Lignin extracted from the kraft process black liquor has been titled the “raw material of the future” and a few mills in North America now produce lignin for sale or for use in nearby facilities. Kraft lignin has different properties than lignosulfonates, including higher purity of lignin, lower sulfur content, and poor water solubility at neutral conditions. Some companies have overcome the issue of solubility by sulfonating the kraft lignin prior to sale. A new lignin and hemicellulose stream that has entered the market is the Phoenix Process Coproduct which uses nonwood sources as its feedstock and is sulfur-free.

What you will learn

In this discussion, the differences in properties between current commercially available lignin sources and the Phoenix CoProduct will be explored and well as various opportunities for this new source of lignin.

Additional Presentations

•  Pulping and Bleaching of Wheat Straw and Oat Straw

      Presenter: Robert (Bob) Hurter, HurterConsult, Inc.

•  Cannabis, a Higher Style of Pulping

      Presenter: Mark Lewis, Sustainable Fiber Technologies


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