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October 28 - 31, 2018 | October 28 - 31, 2018 | Portland, Oregon | Breakthrough Technologies for Today and Beyond

Student Poster Session, Competition and Rapid Fire Showcase Info

Poster abstract submissions were due by June 30, 2018.  We are no longer accepting abstracts.

Poster Submissions

Poster Presentation

Each speaker's space contains a 36” (inch) wide by 42” (inch) high board onto which an abstract, key points, conclusions, and charts, tables, or diagrams can be posted. The poster session usually lasts 1 1/2hours, during which time attendees are free to "browse" among the poster presentations of interest to them and to speak directly with the authors. Thus, these sessions are informal, conversational, and highly responsive to the interests of the attendees. They also permit detailed examination and discussion of illustrations.

Preparing a Poster Presentation

1. All materials should be (3 ft.) x 120 cm high (4 ft.) dimensions and must be prepared in advance of the meeting. Authors will not be provided with materials to draft displays on site.
2. A title, author and affiliation block must be at the top of the poster. The title should be 11/2 to 2” high and run the width of the poster.
3. We suggest you supply an abstract briefly summarizing your work, which can be read at a distance of 4 to 10 feet.
4. It is suggested that part of your visual display include a list of "key points" and a brief summary of results or conclusions.
5. All textual or illustrative material should be kept simple; text should be letters at least 3/8" high. Simplicity and ease of reading are far more important than artistic embellishment. However, effectiveness can be enhanced by utilizing color, as long as the color combinations do not diminish readability.
6. Provide a logical sequence to the display and avoid overcrowding. Each author will be responsible for mounting his/her materials at least 2 hours before the opening of the session. You will receive information at registration check-in for the poster session.

What Will TAPPI Provide?

1. Each presentation space will be provided, measuring 90 cm wide (4 ft.) x (8 ft.).
2. Each presentation will be assigned a number, which should be mounted in the upper left hand corner of your poster board.
3. TAPPI will provide push pins for mounting materials.

Miscellaneous Tips

1. You should be prepared to bring business cards or some other means of quickly distributing your name and address to interested participants. You may also wish to provide sign-up sheets to record names and addresses of attendees who might want more information, reprints, etc.
2. Providing a limited number of preprints of your presentation for the most interested attendees can prove very helpful.
3. Have a three minute oral abstract prepared (e.g. elevator pitch), but do not do all the talking. Be prepared to "exchange" information, not just pass it out.
4. Do not allow any one participant to "monopolize" your time.
5. Consider bringing a tablet or a pad of paper with you to jot down ideas or to illustrate points during your discussion with attendees.


Poster abstract submissions were due by June 30, 2018.  We are no longer accepting abstracts. Participating students submitted abstracts on one of the following topics:


Rapid Fire Showcase

Student poster presenters will get 5 minutes to present 5 slides summarizing the research they are currently working on. Attendees interested in the subjects presented can visit the accompanying poster to have a more in-depth conversation. This format offers greater exposure to presenters and gives attendees a snapshot of the wide variety of research being conducted.

PowerPoint presentations should only have five slides:


For more information, contact Pat Stiede,

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